The Ramblers

The Ramblers is Britain's biggest charity which promotes walking and works to improve conditions for all walkers. With 139,000 members throughout the British Isles, the Ramblers have been working for walkers for 70 years.

Through a network of volunteers and staff, the Ramblers support all who walk, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts, groups or solitary strollers, the young or not so young.

The Ramblers is dedicated to:

  • Safeguarding Britain's unique network of public paths.
  • Working with local authorities to ensure these remain unobstructed and available for all to walk on.
  • Providing information to help plan your walks.
  • Increasing access for walkers.
  • Protecting the countryside.
  • Educating the public about their rights and responsibilities and the health and environmental benefits of walking.

There are more details of these charitable aims and objectives on the Ramblers website including a seven minute DVD. Go to to find out more.