Walks Programme

Twice a year our local group produces a programme of walks submitted by those members who are willing to lead a walk for the whole group to enjoy. Walks leaders can download our Walks Submission Form here.

You are welcome to view and print our current walk list below. The previous list is also shown so that you can see the sort of walks we do at other times of the year. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE START TIME FOR SATURDAY AND SUNDAY WALKS IS THE TIME WE MEET AT OUR CAR SHARING POINT IN TAVISTOCK AND NOT THE TIME WE START WALKING

You may find it more convenient to follow up and coming walks directly from the Ramblers national website where a fantastic facility exists to hold all the walks that local groups submit from their programmes. Anyone interested in walking a particular area of the UK can search to find walks being held in that locality in the near future.

Please click here to visit the walks for our group, held on the national database, organised in a most friendly and informative manner.

Thanks to H F Holidays, Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, Cotswold Outdoor and Tavistock Launderette for their support.